Showbox problems – Showbox app not working

Here we will list the most common problems of using Showbox apk and give solutions.

Showbox problems

Fiexed – Facing No Internet Connection Error

Video playback errors and Internet unavailability error happen from time to time. There are several ways to solve this problem.

First, do not forget to update the application. The user poses a risk of problems when using an outdated version. Sometimes the opposite happens. An old smartphone or tablet does not support the new version of Showbox. You need to find the old stable version and use it.

There is another feature if the video does not load. Open the “manage app” in your phone’s settings and clear the memory and cache of the MegaBox HD app. Everything should work after rebooting the phone.

If there is an error accessing the server, the video is probably blocked in your country. Use VPNs and proxies to solve the problem.

Fiexed – Unfortunately showbox has stopped

Most likely, the installed version of the app isn’t compatible with your mobile device. You need to install an older but stable version of Showbox.

Fiexed – Showbox video not available try another server

We mentioned this earlier. You need to install VPN service. Just enter “download VPN” in the search to find something secure. Keep in mind that VPN slows down the video download speed.

Fixed – Showbox Server Error Today

There is no clear solution to the problem, since the server with the video may be temporarily unavailable for technical reasons. You can try to enable VPN, or use links to other servers.

Fixed – Video Playback Error

Possible solution: remove current Google Plus or Twitter updates. Follow the steps: Settings> Applications / Application Manager> Google Plus Application> Uninstall Updates.

Another option concerns users of Android Lollipop and newer versions of the operating system. Go to Settings> About Phone. Make seven clicks on the build version to launch the developers option. Scroll down and find Use AwesomePlayer (deprecated). Change the status (enable or disable, it does not matter), then reboot the phone.

Fixed – Update Not Working Error

If this problem occurs, check your Internet connection and reconnect.

Showbox Fix for Bug: Video Not Available Try Another Server

Showbox Captcha Solving Trouble and VK.Com Sign Up Error

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