ShowBox For PC Download : Showbox for Windows 7 8 10 & Mac

Showbox for pc is the app for personal computer or laptop that everyone is talking about right now. Why? Because it enables you to stream any TV show or any movie that you can possibly think of completely for free to watch on your Android device. Showbox is something that thousands of people have been waiting and thus we have listed out points on how to download this app.

Showbox for PC


Showbox For PC Download, Showbox On Windows 7/8.1/8/10

But where there is a will there is a way – and especially whenever technology and downloads are concerned! Thus, it was only a short matter of time until Showbox would appear on the web as a free download that people could sideload onto their devices. Now you can download showbox app for Android right here and get it running on your smartphone!

Get the Showbox for PC Right Here!

All good and well. But not all of us have smartphone and as such, not everyone is going to want the Android version. Likewise, you might have an iOS device and not feel particularly like jailbreaking it. And in that case, you’re going to want to get yourself Showbox for PC! That way, you can watch all your favorite programs completely for free but without needing to buy a whole new device.

Why Get Showbox for PC?

So the first question you might have, is why to get Showbox in the first place? And the simple answer to that, is that it will give you the freedom to watch any program or film you want, wherever you are and whenever you want to!

The great thing about Showbox is that it is a streaming service. This means that you can watch the shows without having to wait for them to download. Better yet, it means that you don’t have to clog up your device with lots of large files and then need to delete them every time you want to watch something new.

And there is just so much polish here. The app looks just like Netflix or something similar and allows you to seamlessly scroll through shows and check out the covers, the synopses and more. But when you watch, it will stream automatically. Unlike Netflix though, Showbox is completely free. And better yet, it contains far more shows than Netflix or other services like Amazon Prime! So now there’s no need to choose and to lose out on certain programs.

With Showbox for PC, you can stream it straight to the TV and enjoy these shows like any others. If you have a Windows 10 tablet of some sort though, then you can carry it with you and enjoy those programs in any room in the house or on the train!

How to Get Showbox on PC

So how do you download? Simple: you download the Showbox APK for Android.


Unfortunately, there is no official but checkout this youtube video ShowBox on Windows, which means you can not traditionally watch the app on your device. But fortunately, there are ways around this problem.

One simple one is to download the APK file but also to download something like Bluestacks. Bluestacks is an Android emulator for PC. Basically, it allows Windows users to run Android apps right on their desktop PCs or their laptops and this in turn means you can actually install the Showbox APK right on your laptop! This is a very good way to get around the limitation and it will run just as though you had it installed on an Android tablet.

Some apps are slow to run on Bluestacks and this can be a problem if you’re playing a big 3D game. If you’re using Showbox though, that won’t be a problem. Why? Because it actually doesn’t have any complex code itself. Rather, all the work happens over your internet connection which isn’t affected by the fact that you’re running an emulator. In other words, this will be exactly as fast as any other app on your computer.

Showbox App

So that’s great news! To get started, go over to the Bluestacks website and install the latest version. Then come back here and click to download Showbox for PC. Now just double click on the APK file in your downloads folder and it should automatically open up Bluestacks and start installing it for you. The great thing is that you can even put shortcuts to Showbox via Bluestacks right in your Start Menu once you’re done. This will help to make it even quicker and simpler for you to launch it in future.

Download BlueStacks For PC.

There you go, you now have Showbox running your PC!

What Else Can You Do With an Emulator?

Having this app is an absolutely great reason to get something like Bluestacks and start running Android apps on your computer. Not convinced? There are actually countless other very good reasons too!

showbox pc download
For starters, this will allow you to access Google Play Books, Movies and Newsstand. If you have bought any content for these services, then why not watch them on your device?

Likewise, you’ll be able to install Google Play on your device and enjoy all the games and apps you have already paid for, now on your computer. As mentioned, some games run a little slow here but you can definitely enjoy things like pokemon or even chess from the comfort of your PC. These things work even better too if you have a PC with a touchscreen, or that works as a tablet.

Finally, this is great for security and for tinkering. Not sure you want to install a certain app on your real Android device? Why not install it on your PC first! Not sure you want to browse a certain website on your PC? Use Bluestacks and Chrome!

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    This helped me a lot thanks. I do have a question, will it be any different for Windows 10? I am going to be upgrading soon, getting a new PC and I still want to be able to enjoy this program. I am not sure if it runs for Windows 10 or not though. Any ideas?


    Love this app very much.My family use this as daily entertainment app across many devices including android.Also this app is compatible with chromecast so it is amazing.

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