Download latest version Showbox for Android TV

Showbox for Android TV

Showbox is an app that makes it real to watch your favorite TV shows and videos online in high resolution. This is a simple and free solution with a user-friendly interface that significantly surpasses analogues. It can be used not only on mobile devices. You can download the latest version and then find an older version of Showbox. Next, we’ll show how you can enjoy watching videos on the big screen thanks to the installation of Showbox for Android TV.

Guide To Install ShowBox for Android TV Box

This process requires just a few steps and takes a few minutes.

  1. First of all, Showbox is an unofficial app. To install it, you need to activate the “unknown sources” option in Android TV. Next we will show you how to do it.
  2. When the task of their previous paragraph is completed, go to any browser on Android TV.
  3. Use the search bar to find the Showbox app. It is available in the public domain in various sources. Download the .apk file. When the file is downloaded, the user receives a notification in the lower left corner of the screen.
  4. You need to get to the main screen of Android TV. Press the Home button on the remote control to do this quickly.
  5. You will see the downloaded file. Open it to start the installation.
  6. When the Showbox installation is complete, just run the application to use its options.

How to Enable Unknown Sources on Android TV?

You can install only official applications quickly, which come from trusted sources. To install third-party applications (Showbox among them), you must first perform one simple action. In the menu that opens, scroll to the “Security and Restrictions” section. Select it. Next you need to find “Unknown sources” in the “Security” submenu and click the switch to turn it on.

Done! Now you can download and install any application on Android TV, even if it is not available in Google Play.

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