Showbox Fix for Bug: Video Not Available Try Another Server

The Showbox App is an incredible free tool that can completely transform the way that you enjoy your favorite movies and shows. Showbox is essentially a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime but the big difference is that it is completely free! You can install Showbox and it won’t cost you a penny and it won’t ask you to pay any kind of monthly fee.

Better yet, Showbox has literally every program that you can imagine. Any big TV show you can think of, any blockbuster movie… they’re right here. What’s more, is that it also has lots of old shows and more – there’s decades worth of TV here!

Once you’ve tried Showbox and gotten used to having it on your phone in fact, you might just wonder how you ever survived without it. The Showbox app makes every single moment interesting and fun – there’s never a reason to be bored! Whether you’re washing dishes and want some kind of entertainment or you’re on the train to work.

What’s more though, is that Showbox is perfect for watching shows that you otherwise couldn’t, or for finding programs that you’ve missed. In this day and age, this is what TV should be like. This is also an ideal tool for discovering new things to watch that you otherwise might not have thought of. Scroll through and look at the pictures and descriptions and why not try something new for a change?

But in some ways, Showbox for Android is too good. That’s because you can become reliant on it and then when something goes wrong with the Showbox app – which does happen occasionally – you’ll find yourself stuck and bored!

In this case, we’re looking at the ‘Video Not Available, Try Another Server’ issue.

How to Fix the Bug

When this problem comes up, it’s essentially telling you that the link to the video or new version of the app is not working. People add shows to the Showbox servers when they want to share them with others and this can then occasionally mean that they aren’t available if the servers have been placed under too much strain and have crashed, or if someone has deleted, moved or renamed the file.

Fortunately, there is one trick that works for a lot of people, particularly on Galaxy, Nexus and other recent Android devices.

Showbox Video not Available

Basically, it normally means you need to update the app. This is something that Showbox is actually smart enough to remind you to do all on its own. When you load it up, you should find that it offers you to update the program occasionally. Just click ‘Update’ and it will begin by downloading the new APK from the server.

update showbox apk

Sometimes though, this option doesn’t come up. In that case, you can check in here and download the Latest Showbox APK from us. We update our APK every time Showbox does, so that way you can be sure that you’ll always have the most recent version ready to go on your device!

If that doesn’t do it, or you don’t want to download from us, then you can instead try just clearing the cache. This is the internal memory of your app and if you go to your settings > apps > Showbox through your device, you’ll be given the option to clear data and clear cache. When you do this, it’s a bit like giving your phone a memory wipe relating to that app and it means that it will start looking for newer versions again as well as updating links and references to files on the server.


showbox clear data and cache

Alternative Options

If that hasn’t done it, then the very best way to fix the problem is just to replace the app. There are actually several good alternatives for Android that work just like the Showbox app. One example is Moviebox. Another is Playbox HD. If you download these from our site, you can install them and they should work.

A good piece of advice is to have several different streaming apps on your phone at any given time. That means the Showbox App as well as Playbox and/or Moviebox. With all of these installed and ready to go, you can simply switch between one when something stops working. Your films and shows will always be there at the click of a button.

Other Errors

There are several more errors that can affect the Showbox app. You can read about some of them on this site, so take a look around. The solution to all problems here.

Otherwise though, it might be that you’re getting the ‘Showbox has stopped working’ error. This is a generic error that comes into effect when there’s a crash or when the app takes too long to respond. Indeed, sometimes the message says ‘Showbox has stopped responding’. When this happens, the best options are again to install a newer version, or to look into alternative streaming solutions. Either way, you should find that you can get around the problem.

Where Does Showbox Come From?

One question you might have is where Showbox comes from. Why does this app exist? Why does it get errors?

Essentially, this is a tool that is made by people who want to help others by getting free content to them. They do this for some profit but mainly out of principle and as such, they aren’t getting paid much. This isn’t their job in other words – they probably work full time doing other things! That’s why occasionally, problems will happen.

The Showbox app works by uploading video files to the Showbox servers. These videos are then there for you to browse and when you find the one you want, you can click it to stream. That will then begin the video playing and let you stop it when you’re done. Your phone will download only the part of the movie it needs meaning there’s no need to wait for a download and meaning that you can watch quickly. It does however mean that you need a good internet connection, which can be another thing that sometimes goes wrong!

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  1. Paul

    This sounds like it functions so much better than Netflix for mobile. I was looking for information on the video not working because I only just downloaded it today. This has been a huge help and I do have it working now. I am shocked because a 45 minute shows starts up fast and I have no lag issues at all!

    1. ShowBox (автор)

      Thx ;-)

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