Showbox Captcha Solving Trouble and VK.Com Sign Up Error

Showbox is a much-loved app among countless Android users and is quickly gaining even more popularity as the word spreads. This is essentially a tool that allows users to stream all their favorite movies and TV shows from the web, without having to actually download anything. That means you can watch right away with no need to pause and that means that you can enjoy your favorite shows anywhere, any time.

Better yet though? Showbox is completely free. Imagine if Netflix had literally every movie you could possibly think of. Now imagine if Netflix was completely free. That’s Showbox for Android! It even has the same level of polish and professionalism in the UI.

But while all this is true, every now and then you might find yourself running into a problem. For example, you might find yourself struggling with the highly frustrating Showbox sign up error that occurs when you try to use the captcha. Let’s take a look at what causes this and what you can do to get around it.

What is Captcha?

Catpcha is essentially a tool that is designed to make sure you’re human. That might sound odd but what you need to realize is that ‘bots’ also surf the web. These are programs written by people to scour the web and look for particular content or perform particular actions. Google has lots of bots, also known as spiders, which it uses to index the web and help us find the content we want. Other bots create spam or do all manner of other things.

The problem is that a bot can load a video. And that then places an unnecessary strain on the servers. Every time you use something like Showbox for Android, you are essentially streaming videos from a server somewhere and there are only so many people that those servers can serve before they crash. Seeing as there can be thousands of requests from bots, these servers need to make sure you’re human in order to provide the best service.

Thus captcha exists to present a test that you just wouldn’t be able to pass unless you were human. Often it involves identifying heavily obscured letters. Recently though, Showbox has been playing up and telling people their entry is wrong, even when it isn’t! So how do you get around it?

Option One: Use an Alternative

The very best solution, truth be told, is simply to use an alternative service. There are many of these, such as the similarly popular ‘Moviebox’ (which you can find on our site HERE). While there are ways of getting around this limitation on Showbox sometimes, other times you’ll be working hard for a long time trying to solve the problem only for nothing to work. Why not just take the easy route and go straight for the option you know will work?

Moviebox works just like Showbox app and has all of the same features and benefits. It is simply an alternative that users can opt to try instead of Showbox for Android and it’s perfect for when Showbox isn’t working!

Showbox Login


Option Two: Try an Older Version

Another option is to go with an older version of the Showbox app. The great thing about Showbox is that it is being improved all the time. The problem is that sometimes an update actually causes more problems than it solves! When this happens, you can just try rolling back to use the older version until problems get fixed.

This won’t necessarily work with this particular error though. That’s because the captcha is normally hosted online rather than being built into the Showbox app itself. As such, you may find that it still doesn’t work, no matter what happens!

Option Three: Try it On PC

There is no Showbox for PC… officially. If you want to try Showbox on your PC though, you can do so by installing an emulator such as Bluestacks and then installing Showbox through that emulator. Once this is up and running, you can then try it again and see if it works on your PC even when it doesn’t work on your Android device.

Make Sure Your Typing it Correctly!

This is a known error with the Showbox app and it’s something that many people have experienced. Thus it is highly likely that this is a problem with the Showbox app and not a problem with your typing!

However, there is still always that possibility, so it’s worth just making sure that you’re being incredibly careful to type in the letters perfectly. This will sometimes be case sensitive, so try that too if you haven’t been successful. Likewise, you can also try asking someone else to give it a go. Don’t spend too long on it bashing your head against a wall though; as we’ve said, it’s usually a problem with the app itself!


Finally, it might just be prudent to wait. Keep in mind that Showbox is something that is made by volunteers who are interested in trying to get more content out into the world. It’s free, so you aren’t paying for this service and from time to time, things go wrong. Imagine how many problems you’d have if you ran an app downloaded by millions of people around the world without payment!

So just be patient. These guys are good and they know what they’re doing. In time, they’ll sort this issue and in the meantime you can always try going back to watching torrents.

Meanwhile, have a think about all the great things you’ll do with Showbox once it’s up and running again! How about date night with your partner? Or maybe you’d rather use Showbox to make boring activities like washing up that little bit more entertaining and passing the time that way!

There are tons of cool options to get more from Showbox and lots of fixes for bugs. The solution to all problems here.

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  1. Levis

    Finally found this article to resolve this issue.Thank a alot

  2. Sara

    You just saved me a HUGE headache here. I have been having issues on so many things with captcha codes it is not even funny. I found out the smallest thing on an app or program can screw these up. I’d imagine they do help with security but are such a pain in the backside.

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