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You can write something about personal impressions any version of Showbox for any device, and also make a short review of personal user experience.

  1. Mike

I’ve been using Showbox APK on Android devices for some years, and I haven’t found a quality alternative yet. Actually, I stopped looking for something else a long time ago. You are always looking for something better and more convenient, but at some point in using a really cool application you realize that you don’t want to do those searches anymore. That is exactly what happened.

Showbox fits my very simple needs perfectly. All I need is a normal video quality and fast download, and a lot of new movies and TV shows to choose from and watch. There are more than enough new movies and TV here, and the developers works with technical aspects of the app constantly. Each new version has something that deserves attention.

You know, even if Showbox were paid, I’ll be the best idea to buy a subscription or something like that. This app is too convenient in all senses, and it doesn’t waste my time and nerves at all. I forgot to think about those times when I had to look for a film in normal quality, wait for the download and watch a bunch of raging commercials. I don’t know what I’ll do without Showbox, if it doesn’t.

  1. Carol

I use Showbox 4.82 version for Android, also wanted to write a few words. Very cool, easy to learn app with a huge library of videos. If there is a need to see something at home, I have no problems with this. But somewhere in the trip is not very comfortable, since most of the options are buggy and clogged with advertising, and they also tend to fly out periodically. Here I can continue the list of problems, but don’t want this to do. You already know everything if you are interested in the topic. And for a long time I didn’t even know what to write in the search bar to find a good application or mobile site.

Immediately I was advised this name, I installed Showbox and tried it once, twice, and now there is the opportunity to watch directly on a mobile phone, it became easier to live in a click of the finger. I can’t say exactly about the technical aspects, but I’ll say for sure that the application does not drain the battery quickly, does not overheat it and is generally very convenient from the point of view of the interface.

Thanks, be sure to try it!

  1. Marc

My story is simple. I was looking for something to watch movies on the PC, and found Showbox at some point. At first I thought it was mobile app, but then I found the desktop version.

In general, this is a very simple and cool thing. I installed the program on a computer (yes, just make sure you download from a verified site, a lot of everything is offered on the Internet), no registration or other actions is needed. Very simple interface and a large video library. Access to the video is provided instantly, the download is fast and everything works without problems even if the Internet is not very fast. Well, I sometimes have problems with the provide, and hope you’re not. If anything, there are many options for video resolution, and it can be neatly configured for any situation. I support the developers and wish them success with the further Showbox development!