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ShowBox App is an essential streaming app that gives you access to a large plethora of different TV shows and films. It lets you watch them at your leisure. You can that way chill out and catch up with the latest episodes such as Limitless, Agents of Shield, Dragon Ball Super or Daredevil. Or why not watch a feature film like Batman vs Superman?, Independence Day: Resurgence? There’s a ton of great content here and it will bring you hours of entertainment.

Read on then and we will look in a little more detail at what precisely Showbox download can do for you. How it works and why it is a must-have app for anyone who likes TV and movies. At the end, we’ll learn how to download the Showbox APK for free and install it so you’re ready to go!

Showbox apk


What is Showbox?

Showbox is widely regarded as one of the best streaming app available for Android. The reason for its popularity is that it has such a huge selection of different shows, meaning that you can catch up with really anything that you want to watch. If it’s on TV or on DVD, then you can bet the Showbox app has it. Better yet, you can often get things from Showbox before they’re even available on DVD – while they’re still at the cinema!

There is something else that makes Showbox so popular too and that is the immense polish and simplicity of the UI(User Interface). If you have ever used the desktop app Popcorn Time, then you will be familiar with this.

Essentially, this looks just as good as any of the paid services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. It will allow you easily scroll through episodes and even see synopses before you decide to watch. You can see the covers of each show or film as you scroll and from there, all you need to do is tap in order to start watching. Because there’s no download necessary, you can start watching right away. This also means you don’t need to worry about having lots of large files on your smartphone!

The Benefits of Streaming

We’ve already seen some of the benefits of the Showbox app download. Apart from anything else, it lets you watch shows and programs that you just wouldn’t be able to watch otherwise. Maybe you don’t have Netflix? Maybe you missed an episode on TV and you want to catch up? Or perhaps you just want to watch at your leisure, when you decide. This latter point is a big deal and one of the best things about streaming: you get to watch wherever you want on your mobile device that is small enough to fit right into your pocket. If you have WiFi, you can watch on the train or even on holiday!

But otherwise, perhaps you want to watch while you’re chopping veg in the kitchen? Doing the washing up? Or just chilling at home. With the Showbox app, everything you need is just a click away.

How to Download and Get Started

Want to start watching shows right away? Don’t worry, we have obtained the very latest version of the Showbox APK for you to download by just clicking here:

Download Showbox APK

You unfortunately cannot download Showbox APK from the Google Play Store as it is against Google’s terms and conditions. That means that downloading is the only way to go – so just grab it right here!

How to Install Showbox for Android

  • You will download Showbox APK file and copy into your device.
  • You can do this normally by plugging your device into your computer and then opening it on your phone using a file browsing app.
  • There are plenty of file browsers you can use completely for free on Android – a good example is ES File Explorer.
  • Go into your settings and make sure that your phone accepts installations from places other than the Google Play Store.
  • This can be found normally under ‘Settings > Security’. Now accept the permissions that get requested and click Install.
  • In a couple of seconds, you will have Showbox installed on your phone!
  • Now all you need to do to run it is to open up your app drawer and navigate to the app’s icon. Once you’ve found it, you then tap it and get ready to enjoy any of your favorite films or programs.

Showbox app

How to Use Showbox

Once you have download Showbox app and installed. The next question is how you are going to use it? Thankfully, Showbox has an incredibly intuitive UI and you should find that this is mainly self-explanatory. Still, though we will go over the basics of Showbox for Android here just to help those who might be struggling.

Firstly, Showbox shows you all the different Tv shows and Showbox movies that are currently the most popular right on the home screen alongside images of them and their descriptions. You can scroll through these, just by scrolling downward using the gesture.

Once you find something you like, tap on it and you will be taken to a page where you can see more details including the synopses. If you decide to go ahead, find the episode you want and then you can just tap on that to start watching the show. Like any other video player, you can now jump to the part of the show you want or skip ahead.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, try using the search function and looking for the program you want.By downloading Showbox app has nearly everything you could want to watch, so keep looking!

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  1. BRIAN D

    I was debating on downloading this but wasn’t sure how it worked. I wanted to read what it was all about before hand and to me, it seems like a better option for mobile streaming than say Netflix or Hulu which heavily relies on PC and Console users. Thanks for all the information!

  2. BRYAN

    This app is great to use


    Love this app perfectly works fine with my samsung s7 edge.


    Awesome App..


    With this app, I feel the wait for videos to stream has been greatly reduced.
    Great going.


    When will Dragon ball super be added to showbox? My son also wants paw patrol too.

  7. NICO

    Wheres dragonball super

  8. Dan

    If you need to download from a computer, you should start instructions with :
    connect android box to computer, not a TV. then
    download file to computer then
    copy & paste file to android box :roll:

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