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A lot of people watch TV shows online. But few people want to spend time looking for a new episode of their favorite TV show all over the Internet. Video and audio quality plays a significant role too. In other words, you will not find everywhere a picture that is pleasant to watch. The best solution would be a global platform where all the TV shows are stored and updated automatically. Are you ready to get a comfortable place where the TV series are available in high quality? Your solution is to to download the last version Showbox APK 5.24 for Android TV.

New version specifications

App Showbox
RequirementsAndroid 4.0 or better, gb of free memory
Version 5.24
Release DateDecember 7, 2018
File Size 37.8mb
Video Quality HD 720

Showbox isn’t an official app, so you will not find it on Google Play (an official Android app store). The reason for this inconvenience is that the TV programs you want to watch are totally official. Such kind of content can’t be provided anywhere without the consent of the copyright holders. If there were approvals, Showbox users would be forced to pay a subscription. (Hello, Netflix!) But all the Showbox videos are totally free. The one and only thing you need is just to download the app outside of Google Play and watch the video without restrictions. You only need a stable Internet connection during that process.

Despite the fact that this isn’t an official tool like Netflix though, the level of polish, sheen and performance is actually approaching such a tool – possibly even surpassing it! When you load up Showbox for the first time, you are guaranteed to be impressed by just how impressive it looks with rows of your favorite shows that you can simply scroll through to select whatever you want to watch. They even have their covers on display and synopses in case you want to read about them.

What’s new in Showbox APK 5.35

Developers have prepared several important updates to the latest version of Showbox for Android (5.35), which make the user experience even better.

Firstly, they saved the free space of the smartphone by reducing the file size after installation. The app supports all the Android devices. Each user can download videos directly now to watch it offline. Offline viewing is available in the application interface. Also free music streaming is available in the newest version. Movies and TV shows can be conveniently sorted by a number of parameters. And, very importantly, viewing video from the application through external players is added here.

What’s new in Showbox APK 5.24

Showbox APK

The latest version to download is Showbox APK 5.24 to the moment. Showbox is getting updated all the time by optimizing compatibility errors and meeting the high demands of users in general.

What does the list of updates that came with Showbox APK 2019 (5.24) include?

  • Great improve of Movie Library usability;
  • Popular problem when a user cannot watch a video solved;
  • Some fixes to eliminate minor problems: your favorite app should be perfect to the last detail.

Soon you’ll be able to download Showbox 5.34 with current updates and new features.

What’s new in Showbox APK 4.82

If you have an old Android, the new version of Showbox will not work. For this reason, just find and choose the best old version, which includes most of the features and functions. One good example of the old version is Showbox 4.82. There was a serious work on updating the app, which brings the functionality and usability to the modern point in lots of aspects. If you download Showbox APK Version 4.82, it’ll be hard to feel that difference.

4.82’s update options list contains:

  • The list of content available for viewing has been significantly expanded;
  • User interface was seriously streamlined, refined and enhanced;
  • Minor functional changes were made and a number of major bugs that users complained were fixed.

Showbox old version

If you need old Showbox version, you have a risk to get lost between the variety of options. You can find tons of app builds, and we tried to select the most optimal ones in the summary table presented above. Just choose the version for your needs, get it and use.

Showbox version BuildFile size, MBAndroid version (required)Release date
4.829839.234.0 and laterDecember 23, 2016
4.73 94 38.83 4.0 and laterOctober 10, 2016
4.72 93 38.85 4.0 and laterAugust 23, 2016
4.65 85 20.46 4.0 and laterMay 19, 2016
4.64 84 20.46 4.0 and laterMay 1, 2016
3.84 30 2.44 2.3 and laterMay 10, 2015

Install Showbox on Android or How to Download

If you want to install anything, you need to open Google Play, find an app and install in one click. But the things are different, if we’re talking about unofficial app. You’ll have a reasonable question: how do I download Showbox? Let’s find out it. We assure you that this isn’t much more difficult.

  1. Allow installation of third-party applications for your Android phone

Allow installation of third-party applications for your Android phone

You initially can’t download applications of unknown origin. This is a built-in protection against viruses and malware, which is appropriate in most cases. But we have to turn it off now.

Move to Settings.

Choose the Security tab.

Find and press the “Unknown sources” option.

Now you can work with every app you only wish for on your phone.

  1. Download Showbox APK file

Find the Showbox app download it to your phone via a direct link. Then all the things are typical: you see the download action, and when the notification “download complete” appears, press it.

  1. Installation

Install Showbox on Android

You click to install. Showbox begins to install on your device. When the process is complete, click the Launch button or click the app icon. The showbox will open and it may require access to your location. Confirm it to start using the app.

How to Update Showbox with New Version

Showbox apk android

Updates to Showbox regularly come out, and each new update provides another package of features. We recommend to update the program regularly to ensure that your user experience is as positive as possible.

This is a very simple action. When you start working with the app, it automatically checks for new versions. If the new version is available, a dialog box appears and ask you download the newest version immediately. You confirm the action, wait until the finish of process and continue to use the new Showbox build.

How to watch Showbox Movies without Ads

No one likes the ads while watching movies or TV series via Showbox or any source you want. Unfortunately, you can’t use Showbox without ads. But there’s an opportunity to reduce the amount of advertising that you watch when using the app. To do this, you need to download an additional video player. A good example is the Yes Player.

So, what’s the steps to do now?

First of all, you need to download Yes Player. This can be done in a standard way via Google Play. Then go to Showbox application and open Settings. Change the “default player” to “other player”. When you open the video to watch in the app, it’ll ask you to choose player. You need to select Yes Player. Done!

There are many rumors that Showbox is dangerous to use. There is an explanation. Now you cannot download the app from the official site, as there are complaints from content owners. It remains to look for options on third-party sites, and you can never be sure of the content they provide. (And do not forget that this is an illegal way to use video.)

Be careful and download Showbox only at safe and trusted sites!

Key Features of Showbox

There are several reasons why Showbox is superior to competitors and has a large user audience.

  • It’s totally free and available in the whole world without restrictions;
  • A large selection of films and television series for every taste: the classics and the latest movie and TV shows in one place;
  • The news feed will allow you to stay on the pulse of events all the time;
  • Create lists of best movies and keep it always at hand;
  • Are you risking being offline? Download any video to your phone and watch in a convenient place at a convenient time;
  • Watch video in HD;
  • Use subtitles (English, Spanish etc. available).

Download Showbox APK Latest Version 2019

We have completely finished moving our website about Showbox from the domain We invite you to Download Showbox APK Latest Version 2019 and enjoy the best movies and TV shows for free and without restrictions!

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  1. SHELLY B.

    This sounds like exactly what I was looking for! The way this installs, does this mean the streams will be downloaded so run more smoothly? I noticed with Netflix my app will lag out and skip or freeze a lot, specially when I am on on standard wifi. It is quite annoying.




    cheers for this

    1. JOHNSON

      is this is free one or paid one?

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    can i use this in pixel phone?


    latest version works completly fine in my lg v2 .Thanks


    works pretty great in my phone . i was able to cast movies to the tv with chromecast that i bought few weeks ago.


    Been using this apk for a while it is little buggy in version 4.23.Hope its fixed in new version.


    Why does my showbox keep stopping on my tablet? Iv tried all three apk files. All 3 tell me unfortunately showbox has stopped.

    1. SHOWBOX

      can you try 4.82 version? ty

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    This is one of the best apps i have ever used.

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    i have some issues with server A doesnt work for me

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    Is it possible to get the older version of this app I need v4.72 version.


    This is amazing . i am able to watch movies for free without any issues.Thank you admin. ?

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