Download Showbox for LG Smart TV

Showbox for LG Smart TV

How to watch movies online without restrictions? This is an important issue for every self-respecting movie fan who likes to spend a lot of time in this way. If you need immediate and easy access to a large number of films and TV shows without restrictions, you should pay attention to the Showbox app. Download latest version Showbox.

This is a convenient tool for viewing a large collection of movies and TV shows online on mobile devices. Also, the application can be installed, among other things, on LG Smart TV for viewing video on a large screen at home. Next, we will tell you how to install and use Showbox on LG Smart TV. Also here you can download ShowBox for Android TV. We guarantee that this solution will allow you to watch media content in high quality of video and audio. LG Smart TV shows good results, and Showbox allows to demonstrate it in its best.

How to download ShowBox on my LG Smart TV?

The user needs to perform several preliminary steps before starting to use Showbox on LG Smart TV. Showbox is an unofficial application, so you need to open access manually to install it.

  1. Find the link to download Showbox from a secure site.
  2. Open access to unknown sources in LG Smart TV via settings menu.
  3. Run the Showbox installation and install it.
  4. When the installation is complete, open the application and go to the main menu to get started.

Note that the Showbox is available for other Smart TV platforms, and the installation order will be approximately the same in each case.

How to Enable Unknown Sources on LG Smart TV?

We came close to the most important issue. Let’s decide with the most important point. Showbox is a proven application that cannot be found in official sources due to content copyright. If you install other third-party applications in the same way, make sure first they are safe.

  1. Go to the main screen of LG Smart TV, press Apps and select the Settings.
  2. Use one of the security options that is relevant in your case:
  • Fingerprints & security;
  • Lock screen and security.
  1. Click Unknown sources and select Enabled. Click OK.

It’s Done!

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