Chromecast – Making Your Showbox Experience Better

The advancement of technology has given us the opportunity to explore a range of smart gadgets and has given us a better lifestyle. Be it clicking off pictures, watching videos or listening to music- smartphones have changed the very meaning of entertainment for us.

We often think of connecting these smartphones and related gadgets with a bigger screen to double the entertainment. This can be done in a better way using a new invention of technology called chromecast. It will help you to connect your mobile phone to the TV screen or LCD screen and allow a variety of contents to be viewed on these bigger screens. It is basically a dongle developed by Google. Inc. Any kind of media content that is supported by Google cast technology can be viewed using Chromecast.

chromecast to showbox for streaming experience

Let us have a look at the steps involved in streaming showbox to TV devices with the help of this software:

1. First of all, the devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Roku, Sony and Panasonic Mart should be connected with the android phones. This may be done by the following steps:

a. The MX app has to be uninstalled from the manage apps.
b. Showbox app should be downloaded and installed via APK from the stores. It is a unique app that cannot be found in the Google play store or other such stores. That is the reason why its APK file needs to be downloaded and run with the help of Chromecast.

2. Next, the Allcast app has to be downloaded from Google Playstore, Android Market Stores or iTunes that helps in transferring photos, music and videos on Android devices to Chromecast.

a. The appropriate movie content has to be chosen from Showbox.
b. It has to be opened through AllCast.
c. The app will start searching for all the players.
d. Select Chromecast and connect it to the TV screen.
e. Enjoy the content on a bigger screen thereafter.

There are different Showbox apps meant for different devices. Some of them are described below:

• Showbox for PC : It is used to stream the latest movies and shows on your PC.

• Showbox for Blackberry : This app can be used by the blackberry users to run their favorite content in the blackberry phones.

• Showbox for Mac : The Showbox app for Mac has a lot of amazing features to offer. It can be downloaded online for free.

• Showbox for iPhone and iPad : This app helps the Apple users to view high-quality media contents on their iOS devices.

Here are the unique features of Showbox for Android download which makes it the undisputed choice among the users:

• It is available for free.
• It can be downloaded and installed quite easily on the device.
• The app will keep you updated with regular notifications.
• The videos have HD modes and various other modes to choose from.

So download the Showbox app and get started! Let Showbox and Chromecast re-define the meaning of entertainment for you!

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    I had no idea I could use Chromecast with Shoutbox! This is going to make me watching my shows so much easier (and cheaper!). I will bookmark this and come back to it when my Chromecast arrives. I just actually ordered one last night. Should be here Thursday! I am super excited to try this!


    Thank you so much for this great article. Explained each process step by step. Keep it up man.

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